About - SoPhoto is a professional photo booth and photo studio system. Fully automated and mobile, SoPhoto shoots, prints and uploads editorial quality photos all in real time. There is no photographer: instead, SoPhoto puts the creative process in the hands of the model with the same equipment as used to shoot the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Photo booth Calgary? The Social Photobooth by SoPhoto!


SoPhoto is used at corporate functions, in-store events, photoshoots, fashion shows, galas, graduations, weddings, store openings, launch parties and promotional events.

First, SoPhoto studios draw in thousands of customers to each installation, up to 25,000 in one week.

The next steps are simple.

  1. Your guests are professionally photographed.
  2. SoPhoto instantly emails photos to your guests or to a social media platform, as the flash goes off.
  3. Your guests post their photos via Facebook, Twitter, and email for all to see.
  4. Each user receives a fully-branded 4×6 printed picture on site.
  5. Your company gains valued clients and their contact information.

Through social media, your customers become faces of your brand. As they tag themselves in SoPhoto’s pictures, they propel your name and image throughout their networks. A typical campaign attracts 20,000 users/week. If each user has 200 friends, your reach increases from 20,000 to over 4 million viewers.

Astral Media
The Bay
Cadillac Fairview
Corus Entertainment
Ford Models
H and M
Harry Rosen
Hello Canada
Holt Renfrew
La Senza Lingerie
Red Bull
The Ritz Carlton
Shangri La Hotels and Resorts


SoPhoto studios entertain, produce extremely high quality content, and attract everyone. Full integration with social media means that branded photos from your venue and events can be shared online in real time, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. This allows you to capture client data, and to promote yourself, your company or/and your brand in real time on a massive scale: If 1000 guests are photographed and post their photos to their 300 Facebook friends, the firsthand reach is 300,000.

Originally designed to meet the needs of models, actors, and the media, SoPhoto provides clients with consistently high quality photography in a user-friendly format. SoPhoto’s spontaneous, fun experience begins at the click of a mouse: the user is able to see herself live on screen, becoming both model and photographer as she, at once, poses for and takes photos.

By successfully drawing in clients and guests, Photostar has become indispensable to our clients, including Fortune 500 Companies, Celebrities, Leaders, Social Media Personalities, Families, Photographers, Media , Popular Destinations, Retailers, Event Venues, Parties, Hotels, Clubs, Agencies, PR Firms, Ad Agencies, Wineries,…, worldwide.

SoPhoto - Toronto Eaton Centre

From the high society gala to the high school graduation, to the instant broadcasting of an event for a global brand, SoPhoto engages everyone, everywhere.

SoPhoto fits into any venue, accommodates to any space, and can customize its professional photography and digital advertising services to suit your event.

At your request, SoPhoto can:

  • Create an original set or backdrop
  • Design unique photo branding
  • Print 4×6 photos on site in real time
  • Email photos and or GIF’s to guest immediately
  • Facilitate the posting of photos to either your client Facebook page or your users Facebook page
  • Facilitate the posting of photos to either your client Twitter feed or your users Twitter feed

SoPhoto will also create a personalized photo gallery where guests can access additional prints and digital copies of their photos.

SoPhoto can then apply its Mobile Broadcasting Software (MBS) to promote and market your brand on a massive scale.

SoPhoto - Topshop

Model Amoryn IV
Features Editorial Pro / Event Pro
Speed Max 300 pictures / minute
Social Media Full connectivity
Hardware Apple, Canon, SoPhoto
Software SoPhoto Droaidware Pro 4
Processor 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel i5
Memory 2GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
Flash D1 1000air
Flash Duration t 0,5 1/1800-1/700s
Energy Range 7 f-stops (15,6-1000 Ws)
Camera D40 – D50 – D60
Type Digital, single-lense reflex, AF/AE camera
Recording Media SD/SDHC/SDXC card, via external media
Pixels ~19 Megapixels (L: 17.9; M: 8; S: 4.5)
Continuous Speed Max 5.3 Shots/Second
Maximum Burst RAW ~ 16, JPEG ~ 58

SoPhoto Equipment


SoPhoto shoot

SoPhoto Shoot

Get SoPhoto - There are three specific ways to work with SoPhoto: 1. Standard Events 2. Custom Events 3. Permanent Installations Contact us to discuss what works best for your event or marketing needs. SoPhoto is used at corporate functions, in-store events, photoshoots, fashion shows, galas, graduations, weddings, store openings, launch parties, and promotional events.

Standard Events typically last anywhere from three to four hours or up to a full eight or 12 hour day!

The latest SoPhoto studios and technology are always provided for each event along with a fully staffed SoPhoto team. All editorial quality photos from events are provided to clients on a USB key.

SoPhoto can also, at client discretion, upload photos live to Facebook and other social media platforms. The SoPhoto system is extremely flexible and mobile and can easily be tailored to your event in creative, innovative ways.

All pricing include set-up and take-down time and SoPhoto representatives all stay until the event is finished!


3-5 Hour Standard Event(includes basic backdrop, unlimited prints & full social media connectivity) $1150
Custom Events TBD
  • SoPhoto professional photo studio & SoPhoto professional to operate the photo studio
  • Editorial quality photographs
  • Unlimited 4×6 prints
  • Copies of all high resolution digital files
  • Auto emailing of photos
  • Photo layout design, which includes your branding
  • Basic backdrop with logo

SoPhoto can customize your event in many ways including

  • Fully designed and customized backdrops
  • Client branded email with branded photo attached
  • Fully integrated social media hub
  • Live upload to client or user social channels
  • List of guests emails
  • Live creation and sharing of GIFs
  • And SO much more!

Contact us for pricing and information.

SoPhoto - Event

SoPhoto studios are perfect for that event that needs a little more customization or requires a longer-term rental, such as a multi-day campaign.  These type of events can be staffed by SoPhoto, unstaffed or we can provide training to allow the client the expertise to run the studio themselves. We will work with you to ensure your photo studio needs are covered and your event is a great success.


Contact us for pricing and information.

SoPhoto - Topshop

SoPhoto Ford

Permanent SoPhoto studios have made valuable brand-broadcast additions to:

  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Event spaces
  • Agencies
  • Corporations
  • Tourist attractions

These studios can operate unattended, print and email photos in real-time, generate significant income for our clients, and draw thousands of users/month who then tend to shop and buy.


Contact us for pricing and information.

SoPhoto Shoot

Set up for full-length photos requires a 10′x10′ foot area to accommodate lighting, pod and background. A regular power supply is sufficient.






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McLeod Law Holiday Party

The Willow Park Golf and Country club was the perfect venue for the McLeod Law Holiday Party, and SoPhoto quickly realized that this was the party to be at on Saturday night. We had a great time snapping everyones photo throughout the evening and making great memories for the employees and guests of McLeod Law. We are looking forward to the next event that McLeod Law will be putting on, we've been assured it'll be

Joe Fresh #HolidayinOrange

SoPhoto had a fantastic time on Saturday afternoon at Joe Fresh in CrossIron Mills. Holiday shoppers pilled into the store to get some great deals on some amazing pieces of clothing and have their "Glamour" moment in front of our photo studio. We want to thank Joe Fresh, Store Manager Diana Turk, and all of her employees for Hosting us in their great store. Remember if you want to enter your chance to win $1500 of

Apache Canada Holiday Party

With the Palomino room in the BMO Centre as our Backdrop, SoPhoto was the most popular attraction of the evening! It started out slow in the beginning, but as the night went on and people realized how much fun our photo studio is, we were the most popular people at the party! We want to thank Apache Canada and give a huge shoutout to Sylvia VanderLann for hosting us at their party and for organizing

Eric Francis Pizza Pigout

SoPhoto was hungry for some of the best pizza in the city at the 12th Annual Eric Francis Pizza Pigout. Graciously hosted by Cowboys dancehall, crawling with the whose who of Calgary, the Eric Francis Pizza Pigout is all about finding the best pies in town and, more importantly raising money for Kid Sport Calgary, The Big Give, and The You Can Play Project. All of these groups missions are to give kids a chance

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